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International Pyrotechnic Art Festival

Since 1979, Cannes has hosted the International Pyrotechnic Art Festival which takes place once a year. This year, it will take place from 14 July to 24 August. The opportunity to admire the most beautiful fireworks.

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash 

Due the Covid-19 health crisis, and exceptionally, the competition will be strictly national in 2021. Six French artificers will compete for the famous Vestale d’argent, which is awarded every year. The theme will be cinema. As for the Golden Vestale, it only comes into play every 4 years. The next one will take place in 2023. Cancelled in 2020, the last price was served in 2019 to Austria. The jury prize, which rewards the most original fireworks, was awarded to an American artificer.

Each year, the event brings together more than 700,000 spectators from around the world to admire the 220 fireworks displayed throughout the festival. A public prize is awarded via a vote.

The jury consists of 5 to 7 people. Competitors must respect the given theme, all fireworks are made in music andfired from boats in the Bay of Cannes. They last a minimum of 25 minutes.

Photo by David Boca on Unsplash


JULY 14 // Groupe F will present “tapis rouge”

JULY 21 // Brezac Events will present “films romantiques”

JULY 29 // Lux Factory will present “grands frissons”

AUGUST 7 // Pyragric will present “comédies musicales”

AUGUST 15 // Grand Final will present “BOs de Tarantino”

AUGUST 24 // EFC Évènement will conclude the festival with “hommage à Sean Connery”

For more information, visit the official website of the Cannes International Pyrotechnic Art Festival.

You can watch the fireworks from the beaches of the Bay of Cannes. But if you want to enjoy an ideal location and a moment of privacy, we offer boat rental for the evening. A bottle of Champagne will be offered for the occasion.

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