The parties declare that this rental does not relate to premises rented for use as a main dwelling or mixed professional use and as a main dwelling.

Consequently, they agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the provisions of this contract, by the decree of December 28, 1976 modified and failing this by the provisions of the Civil Code.

The premises covered by this contract are rented furnished on a seasonal basis.




This reservation is made and accepted according to the dates selected with a check-in from 16:00 minimum and expressly agrees to have vacated the premises according to the dates selected at 10:00 am maximum. Arrival and departure times may be modified after written agreement and will incur additional costs. At the start of the rental, the Lessor will give the Lessee the keys and / or access codes and the instructions relating to the accommodation.




The Parties have agreed to fix the tariff fixed in the detail of the reservation for the entire duration of the rental described in paragraph 2.

The above rent includes, for the entire duration of the rental, the payment of rental charges and available supplies recalled below:

• City water*

• Electricity*

• Heating*

• Air conditioning*

• High-speed wifi Internet access;

• Television access;


Not included in the rent:

• Sheets and towels are at the charge of the lessee: €23 per person (or €30 per person depending on the origin of the reservation)

• Exit cleaning is extra: the price differs according to the apartment.

• The tourist tax

* except if a special rate has been agreed with these additional charges




A 50% deposit is required when booking, the balance will have to be paid one month minimum before arrival. Unless the arrival is scheduled less than a month after booking, 100% will be charged upon booking. The reservation of the apartment will be effective upon receipt of the deposit.

Two payment options: by credit card or by bank transfer.

The customer has 1 day to make the transfer and send the confirmation of the transfer.

Without deposit or full payment (according to terms) the reservation cannot be confirmed.


Payment of the site fees will not be sufficient to maintain the reservation if the deposit or full payment (according to the terms) remains unpaid. we retain the right to cancel the reservation regardless of the customer's reason.

Payment by bank card remotely will incur additional costs of 2.85% of the amount of the transaction.


In case of reservation on the website, these costs will be paid downstream after the payment of the reservation.


In order to make a transfer, here is the information of the bank account:



Account name: SARL LRA

Bank address: 5 Rue des Belges, 06400 CANNES

Bank phone: 0 826 08 36 59

Account number: 08007002921

IBAN: FR76 1831 5100 0008 0070 0292 151





At the latest when entering the premises, the lessee will give the Lessor a security deposit fixed between 1000 € and 3000 € depending on the apartment. It is intended to cover damage and / or deterioration of the accommodation and furniture and objects furnishing the accommodation caused by the Lessee.


A preauthorization by credit card, the amount will be blocked and will be returned subject to a maximum delay of 30 days after his departure, deduction made where appropriate of the sums covering the damage and / or deterioration of the accommodation.


This payment can in no case be considered as advance payment of rent.


The holder must be present accompanied by his identity document.


This sum will be returned as soon as possible. If this security deposit proves to be insufficient, the lessee undertakes to improve this sum. This guarantee cannot in any case make "LRA" responsible for any rental or supply from a third party, even if the services have been provided at the request of the tenant.


In no case will the pre-authorization be returned on the day of departure.





This reservation is concluded intuitu personae for the benefit of the sole lessee identified at the start of the contract.

Any assignment of this reservation, any total or partial subletting, any provision, even free, is strictly prohibited. The Lessee may not leave the disposal of the premises, even free of charge and / or by loan, to a person outside his home. (Except if the rental is made on a professional basis, the lessee may make the apartment available to his employees or partners)




The furniture and moveable property will be the subject of an inventory when the lessee enters and leaves. However, due to a large number of arrivals and departures at the same time, it is possible that the lessor is unable to take the inventory of fixtures in presence of the lessee, who agrees that this inventory of fixtures will be opposable to him.


The furniture and moveable property must only suffer from wear and tear arising from the normal use to which they are destined. Any which are missing or out of use when the present rental expires, will be paid or replaced by the lessee. The same applies to the paintings, wallpaper, curtains, etc.


The complete cleaning of the premises, and if needed, the cleaning of carpets, bedding, blankets, mattresses, etc, will be at the lessee’s expense, over and above the rent.


An inventory will be given to the lessee the day of the arrival.

At the check-out, the cleaner will check everything in the apartment, and the lessor will have 30 days to let the lessee know if something’s wrong with the apartment





- Upon arrival, the lessee must prove his identity and submit the security deposit. If it is impossible to prove his identity and to transmit the deposit on the day of arrival, the reservation may be automatically canceled without any possible refund.


- The Lessee will peacefully use the rented accommodation and the furniture and equipment according to the destination given to them by the lease and will respond to damage and losses that may occur during the term of the contract in the premises which he has exclusive enjoyment.


- The Lessee will maintain the rented accommodation and return it in good condition to cleanliness and rental repairs at the end of the contract. If items in the inventory are broken or damaged, the Lessor will claim their replacement value.

- It should avoid any noise likely to annoy neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, television and other devices.


- The Lessee may not exercise any recourse against the Lessor in the event of theft and damage to the rented premises.


- He will respect the maximum number of people according to the maximum capacity of beds in accordance with the description given to him.


- The lessee may not oppose the visit of the premises if the Lessor or his agent so request or in case of emergency, an entry would be possible without warning the Lessee.


- Regarding the exit cleaning included, the kitchen and the bathroom must however be clean and the garbage must be thrown away in the containers for the building.


-If the Lessee does not come the same date as the booking day and does not inform the Lessor by a writing text (e.g. SMS), the lessor may rightly, try to re-let the accommodation while retaining the right to turn against the lessee .


- The lessee cannot demand any compensation following a malfunction or work in the common parts of the building.


- Late check-in after 8 p.m. will be charged € 50, € 80 after 10 p.m or €100 after midnight


-The lessee must use the property for residential purposes only. If the lessee decides to organize an event or invite more people than the maximum capacity of beds the lessee must notify the lessor. Additional charges will mandatorily apply. The Lessor will invoice a compensation at the height of minimum €3000 for making parties or any Events (Cocktails, Shooting in any kinds (movies, video clip etc), private celebration or others if He is not informed by a writing text (e.g. SMS) and allowed by the lessor.


- Occasionally artists' paintings or posters are displayed in the apartment. In this case, these paintings or posters are entirely your responsibility. Any degradation will generate a payment.


- Some apartments have toilet equipped with motor: It is strictly forbidden to throw anything other than toilet paper otherwise the toilet will be out of use. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in significant water damage which will be your sole responsibility. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the intervention of a technician with a minimum amount of € 350.


-Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartments: the sum of € 350 will be deducted from the amount of the deposit in the event of non-compliance with this instruction.


- For any late departure: Release of the apartment between 10h and 12h: 30% of the night will be applied. After 12h: 90 % of the night will be applied.


- Concerning the outdoor jacuzzi present in some apartments, instructions apply: It is mandatory to take a shower before having a bath in the Jacuzzi. If any grains of sand are found inside the jacuzzi, it may cause damages to the motor. Fees can be

took from the deposit. The cover needs to be stowed back on the top of the jacuzzi, after each use, with the straps.
The water quality and condition will be checked during the check-out. Cleaning extra fees can be applied. In case of specialist intervention needed, the cost of it will be under your responsibility. When using the Jacuzzi, avoid electric shut down by not using too many electric appliances at the same time and turn it off after use. If you need us to change the water and to clean up the jacuzzi during your stay it will cost you 150€.





The signing of the contract is binding on both parties. No termination is possible without the written agreement of the parties. If the Lessee renounces the rental, he remains liable for the entire rent.


The balance must be on the lessor's bank account no more than 30 days before the start of the rental. If necessary, the lessor retains the right to cancel the reservation whatever the reason for the lessee.




The lessee’s personal effects are not covered for theft, fire, loss or deterioration. It is up to him to take out any insurance policy that he considers useful to cover his personal possessions, as well as civil liability.

In no event will the lessee hold the lessor responsible in case of theft committed in the rented premises.




In the event of breach by the Lessee of one of the contractual obligations, this lease will be terminated automatically. This termination will take effect after a period of 24 hours after a simple summons by registered letter or letter delivered by hand remained unsuccessful.




For the execution hereof, the lessor and the lessee elect domicile in their respective homes. However, in case of dispute, the home court of the lessor should have sole jurisdiction. This agreement and its aftermath are subject to French law.




We suggest different extras, that you can choose and pay during your stay:


It is preferable to transmit the extras before arrival to guarantee the availability.




The company is subject to the tourist tax: on arrival between €2,3 per night and per person must be paid (except free for children under 18 years).

The amount of the tourist tax is fixed by the city and can vary between booking and arrival.