French Riviera

saint-tropez-tourim-vue-french-riviera-cote-d-azur LRA Cannes invites you to discover or rediscover its beautiful region through various posts. Are you staying on the French Riviera? Take the time to visit the surroundings!

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    Saint Tropez

    Discover the most famous city on the French Riviera Saint Tropez is an emblematic city of the French Riviera where luxury and authenticity intersect. The city with Provençal charm offers more than 12km of coastline. The city of Saint Tropez was for a long time an Arab-Muslim colony. In 976, this people were driven out by Guillaume the first who built a tower (the current location of the Suffren tower) to protect the city. In 1558 the tropéziens resisted the Turkish and Spanish attacks. They helped the archbishop of Bordeaux to recover Lérins islands and also helped the cities of Fréjus and Antibes. In 1637, the city suffered another Spanish attack. The tropéziens finally put an…