French Riviera

Saint Tropez

Discover the most famous city on the French Riviera

Saint Tropez is an emblematic city of the French Riviera where luxury and authenticity intersect. 
The city with Provençal charm offers more than 12km of coastline.

The city of Saint Tropez was for a long time an Arab-Muslim colony. In 976, this people were driven out by Guillaume the first who built a tower (the current location of the Suffren tower) to protect the city. In 1558 the tropéziens resisted the Turkish and Spanish attacks. They helped the archbishop of Bordeaux to recover Lérins islands and also helped the cities of Fréjus and Antibes. In 1637, the city suffered another Spanish attack. The tropéziens finally put an end of the 21 enemy galleys. The victory will give rise to a bravado glorifying this great victory of the inhabitants.

The village of Saint Tropez is home to many sailors who fish for whales. In the 18th century, the port of Saint Tropez is the 3rd French port.

Image par Hermann Traub de Pixabay 

At the beginning of the 20th century, Saint Tropez is a fishing village, a peaceful place where you can get used to the landscapes. Guy de Maupassant rested there. In 1888, he published his logbook “Sur l’eau.” Then it was Paul Signac’s turn to settle there. In 1892 he bought a house and turned it into his studio. The workshop of Paul Signac will become a place of pilgrimage for many artists such as Matisse or Derain. In the 1930s, the village became a land of inspiration for artists. Marquet, Colette, Boris Vian were inspired by it.

Over the centuries, Saint Tropez has forged a rich cultural heritage. From 1950, producers set out to shoot lot of films. Fashion settles there, the famous spartan shoe brand imprints even its name. Brigitte Bardot makes her first steps as a model, when she was 16 years old. The enthusiasm is growing, Saint Tropez quickly becomes the internationally known seaside resort of the French Riviera. Little by little, the European and American jet set is taking over. More and more celebrities are settling in. Tourism is growing.

In 1981, “Les voiles de Saint Tropez” was inaugurated. The world-famous event brings together, for a whole week, more than 250 competitors who, aboard sailboats, compete in regattas. The oldest specimens date from the 1800s. The race takes place in early October.

As you can see, Saint Tropez is a must-see for a stay in the south of France. You can discover its cultural heritage through many museums such as the museum of the gendarmerie or the house of butterflies. The citadel is also worth a visit. You can attend many events such as “Les voiles de Saint Tropez”, the Giraglia Rolex cup, but also dance and music festivals. For more information visit the website of the city’s tourist office.
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